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8 Ways Your Business Can Use Snapchat – Get Snapping!

8 Ways Your Business Can Use Snapchat – Get Snapping!

Social media first began as a means to connect one user to another via the Internet. In the blink of an eye, social media has turned into a way of life. From entertainment to news to shopping, it touches nearly every aspect of our lives. Using social media for business purposes is now a must-do trend in marketing. Snapchat is one of the most popular outlets that businesses now turn to for delivering their daily dose of everything from news to fashion finds and every juicy social media morsel in between. Learn how you too can propel your business forward with the help of this powerful tool.

1. Give your followers an inside view

While marketing and branding may paint the perfect picture, many customers appreciate when a company or business is transparent with who they are. What better way to give customers what they want than to show them? Snapchat can help you show the behind the scenes action, insider scopes, and operations not everyone gets to see. Videos and images can be a quick and easy way to show your followers what you’re all about from a totally different perspective.

2. Connect with influencers

Corporate social media accounts are usually operated by a strategist who has had direction and input trickle down to them from marketing directors, presidents, brand managers, and a slew of other directives. At times, this may seem to followers like they are interacting with a machine instead of a real person. A quick fix would be to let an influencer come through and muster up some new flavor. Someone who is well known and well versed in your industry can provide a new tone and a whole new set of followers. Sometimes you just have to shake it up a bit.

3. Share promotions and specials

Who really clips coupons from the Sunday paper anymore? The little square coupon with the jagged edges from it being ripped out is now the digital image you click or tap. Taking it a step further, digital coupons are now also a code you simply input at the time of check out. No more stacks of newspapers or looking for the spare pair of scissors. Snapchat can be a great way to spread the news that you have a promotion, sale, or coupon code available. Followers can easily pick them up and head on over to your store for some shopping.

4. VIP access

One of the many benefits of social media is instant gratification. Do you want to find out about your favorite celebrity? Go to their Snapchat and see what they’re up to. Do you want to see if your favorite store is having a sale? Check out their Snapchat. Given its easy access, you can make your followers feel like they are amongst your VIP. With a new launch or new product, give your top followers instant access to what’s in store for them. First peaks at something fresh off the assembly line will give your followers that special, insider feeling not easily obtained otherwise.

5. Virtual demonstrations

Are you a tech company introducing your latest gadget? Or maybe you’re a nail salon with a new shade of pink for the summer? From a new gizmo to a strapless version of a hot new dress in your spring collection, Snapchat can put it all on display with more visual appeal than a simple image. Whether you put it on, turn it on, or wear it out, you can show your followers exactly what it does, what it looks like, and how to do it before they even purchase it. Avoid the complaints of “I don’t understand how it works!” Give your customers a first-hand walk through of how to get the most of your new product so when it hits the shelves, all they have to do is pick it up and go.

6. Celebrity status

Let’s face it, working with a celebrity can be difficult. They have nonstop schedules, high demands, and even bigger egos. But with the huge influence they hold over buyers and their dollars today, it is almost a must-have to work with a celebrity. What easier way to get their face on your brand than through Snapchat? Have them take a video or picture using your product or getting your service done and blast it out to millions of viewers around the world. Quick and easy, this method can be worth its weight in gold once all their adoring fans see them interacting with your brand.

7. Special spotlights

Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame. Today, those 15 minutes are more like 15 seconds of fame yet they can still get the same amount of attention. Loyalty cards and birthday coupons are great and all, but what customer of yours wouldn’t love to be featured on your Snapchat for the world to see? Snapchat is a great way to give back and show your followers you see them, hear them, and want to thank them by spotlighting just how great they are.

8. Use your voice

Any messaging from your company out to the world use to consist of a flat image or a rehearsed and recorded commercial. There was little to no room for any real talk that wasn’t chosen from a preapproved list of verbiage. Today, social media has changed that. With a short video, you can weigh in on topics in the news, the latest movie release, or even your favorite coffee shop and the delicious pastry you snagged this morning. Give your company the voice it needs to relate to followers on a human level, not just advertiser to consumer.

Whether you’re social media whiz or you just opened your company’s first account with only a handful of followers, the possibilities are endless. Reach those users, connect with your audience, and get your company’s message out there with a simple tap of a button. The world awaits and your business is ready to take it on!